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  • Apr
    China urea companies continue to fail and the market decline slows down

    Since the end of March and the beginning of April, when the domestic urea market was about to weaken, news came from the printed label that the total amount issued this time was reduced by one-third compared to the rumored total, which undoubtedly made the market worse. The domestic urea market quic

  • Apr
    International DAP/MAP market

    This week, India and Pakistan signed agreements on the import of DAP, which shows that demand in South Asia is emerging. A Chinese company sold two ships of DAP to Pakistan at a high price of US$560/ton CFR.An Indian importer purchased 45,000 tons of DAP at a median price of US$560/ton CFR, which wa

  • Apr
    International Urea Market

    Price uncertainty limits tradingThis week, prices in markets outside the United States are unknown. Obviously, prices are falling, but in some markets, the speed and magnitude of the decline are unclear.This uncertainty suppresses demand, and buyers look for price guidance while watching. In India’s

  • Apr
    China's ammonium sulfate market

    The price of caprolactam ammonium sulfate is slightly lower, at US$155-158/ton, because producers have cut their quotations when demand is limited. The producer said that buyers are no longer interested in the FOB price of US$160 per ton. According to reports, Tianchen has sold a cargo to Southeast

  • Mar
    China's DAP operating under pressure

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