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  • Jul
    Brazil's MAP price goes down, while China's DAP prices rise

    The price gap between the main markets of DAP and MAP has narrowed this week. The price of DAP is keep stable in high level, while the price of MAP in Latin America has weakened slightly, but the price difference is still very large. The price change is very small this week. The purchase of MAP in B

  • Jul
    The lowest price of India RCF urea import bidding

    The lowest bid price for RCF in India on July 22, the lowest CFR price on the West Coast was US$516.95/ton, and the lowest CFR price on the East Coast was US$509.50/ton.

  • Jul
    The International TSP market

    BrazilThe CFR price of TSP is 650-665 US dollars/ton, and 45% of TSP is the low-end price. The CFR price of TSP 46% is as high as US$670/ton.BulgariaAgropolychim will convert its production line of TSP to produce NPK compound fertilizers on August 1.

  • Jul
    Urea market become active in china

    Agriculture: After entering July, the use of fertilizer for one season of the year will be completely finished around the middle of the year. The agricultural demand is mainly concentrated in the two-season of the year. According to the crop cycle, weather, fertilizer use habits, etc., there will be

  • Jun
    The market considers the impact of Belarusian potash sanctions

    The European Union officially announced that it will impose sanctions on Belarusian potash. Most manufacturers have given up offering products this week, awaiting further implementation of sanctions. At present, the market is still digesting these news and analyzing its potential impact on NPKs. But

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