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  • Sep
    The international DAP/MAP market is tight and prices is rising

    Prices of MAP and DAP continued to rise this week.The price of China’s DAP rose to US$332-335/ton FOB, from US$330/ton FOB last week. Thailand purchases DAP at a high price of US$340/ton CFR. India ordered of China’s DAP at a price as low as US$340/ton CFR, it likely as an early order. Two importers

  • Aug
    International DAP /MAP market prices keeps firm

    This week, the international DAP market activity is lower, but prices continued to rise.Due to the tight domestic demand and supply in September, the price of DAP in China has risen from last week's 325-330 US dollars/ton FOB to 330 US dollars/ton FOB. The price of DAP in India has risen to more tha

  • Aug
    Ghana bids for compound fertilizer, increasing demand in Africa

    New demand is emerging in Africa as Ghana begins bidding for supply through 2021. The General Administration of Food and Agriculture (MOFA) of Ghana is seeking to purchase 346,500 tons of NPKs and 168,000 tons of urea, more than 90,000 tons than last year’s tender. The pre-qualification process will

  • Aug
    India MMTC releases new urea tender

    India MMTC releases new urea tender, which will be opened on the 26th, valid until September 2nd, and the shipping schedule is October 5th

  • Aug
    The latest development of India RCF urea bidding in India

    According to the latest report, eight of the nine suppliers accepted the bid in India's RCF tender on August 10. The details are as follows:Midgulf 186.5Ameropa 199.5Koch 50Continental 50Amber 45Dreymoor 147Swiss 141Samsung 139A total of 958,000 tons. If all the above are confirmed, then three biddi

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