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The latest China Urea News and analysis

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Over the weekend, urea prices in some areas have declined slightly. The current mainstream urea price in Shandong has dropped back to 1920-1930 yuan (ton price, the same below), and the price of individual enterprises is still maintained at around 2,000 yuan, but the actual high-end transaction volume is very small. On the other hand, on the other hand, even if the current quotation declines, the enthusiasm of downstream procurement will not be too high. Today, the urea receiving price in Linyi area is basically stable compared with last Friday; the mainstream urea price in Hebei area has dropped back to 1910-1950. Yuan, the company started to maintain stability for the time being, the main supply for the industrial market demand, the new single transaction slowed down; the main factory price of urea in Henan fell back to 1905-1910 yuan, due to the near expectation of the volume gradually reduced, the company appropriately lowered the offer to attract orders, However, the market has learned that the recent new single transaction is relatively small; the mainstream urea price in Shanxi is temporarily stable at around 1,900 yuan. Although the recent market new transactions are more general, most factories still have a large number of pre-expected, short-term sales. No pressure at present; the main factory price of urea in Anhui fell to around 1980 yuan, the main demand for the surrounding market; the urine in Hubei area Mainstream factory price 1980-1990 yuan, offer fell slightly, the main supply fertilizer factory business needs. In summary, although the monthly price of individual urea has increased slightly, the downstream purchase volume has been consumed in the near future, and the possibility of getting a large amount of goods again is low. It is expected that the quotation is still likely to decline further.



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