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Price of DAP is strong and price of MAP is stable

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After India's imports of DAP have surged in recent weeks, it has gradually slowed down, but the demand is still large. Only 100,000 tons of DAP were sold to India,it is much little the nearly 300,000 tons of sales reported last week. Another 50,000 tons of DAP are used in Pakistan transactions.

In the west of Suez, market activity in Brazil and Argentina remained calm and prices remained flat. In the United States, as of September 15, the DAP barge price of Nola reached US$660-673/short ton FOB, while the price of MAP remained stable.

Demand for DAP in India will continue to drive prices in east of Suez, while Pakistan has almost no transactions. Due to the lack of trade, price of MAP in Brazil has stabilized in recent weeks. However, rising raw material prices will support the increase in prices this quarter.



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