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International ammonium sulfate (AS) market

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Northwestern Europe

OCI this week announced the new price of Fubonite granular, 3mm granular in France at 207 euros / ton CPT, inland Germany at 190-195 euros / tonCIF,  delivery in May - June. High demand for 3mm products is expected to continue to raise prices in July. OCI 2mm granular, 185 euros/ton CPT in France and 179 euros/tonCIF in Germany. German producer Domo has not yet released a new price list, and buyers are expected to wait and see before the release.

After a period of strong demand, the demand for standard grades in Europe has slowed as buyers have comprehensively analyzed the next phase of demand. The last time sales to European buyers were around €115/tonne North West FOB, equivalent to $130/ton FOB. The Brazilian standard grade is priced at $145-148/tonne CFR, indicating a net price of approximately $120/tonne FOB.


The Turkish market is basically calm, with most buyers buying before mid-June, and the most recent sale in Turkey is $130/ton CFR tariff unpaid. Today's offer is much higher, exceeding the CFR of $140/ton. A 55,000-ton ammonium sulphate cargo ship will arrive in South Korea in mid-June. The goods have been sold and will be unloaded at three ports.


The supply of caprolactam-grade ammonium sulphate in China is still tight, as some devices have not been restarted. Many manufacturers' products in May have been sold out, but this tension is not expected to continue until June as enterprise devices continue to recover. Demand for Brazil should also start to increase next month, so prices continue to be firm.

Nanjing Fubonte 1 set of parking maintenance equipment is expected to restart in mid-June. Jiangsu Haili's production capacity of 300,000 tons/year has not been restored, and Fujian Shenyuan is still under mantianance. It is expected to resume production at the end of May.

Due to tight supply, the spot offer has risen to $115/tonne FOB. It is understood that the recent transaction price is $112-114 / ton FOB. Buying prices in Southeast Asia are around $110/ ton, but traders say it is impossible to buy Chinese caprolactam-grade ammonium sulphate at prices below $112/tonne FOB today. The price of extruded granular ammonium sulphate remained firm and was supported by strong caprolactam grade prices. Lower quality Chinese extruded granular are priced at $143-148/tonne FOB, higher quality is abve $150/tonne FOB, and ammonium sulfate granular are quoted at $160-162/tonne FOB.



The market price in Vietnam is CFR of $134-136/ton per ton this week. The importer's price for new goods is expected to be $127-129/ton CFR, while the supplier requires an increase of about 10 US dollars.


Under the contract, AFT purchased 22,000 tons of Chinese caprolactam-grade ammonium sulfate, which will be shipped to Gresik in East Java. Filipino buyers are looking for goods at the end of May/early June. It is reported that there are two inquiries for the caprolactam-grade ammonium sulphate: 12,000 tons at the end of May; 6,000 tons for June to Davao, with quotations at $130/ton.


Brazil's demand season has gradually started. In May, several shipments will be shipped from China. From mid-May to the end of June, eight shipments will be shipped to Brazilian ports, with a total volume of around 180,000 tons. In addition, Fubonte will load 30,000 tons (20,000 tons of standard, 10,000 tons of granular) of goods in Nanjing Port this weekend and transport it to Paranagua. LANXESS expects to ship 25,000-30,000 tons of cargo to Brazil next week, and Fubonte will ship a portion of its 10,000-ton granular at the end of May.

China's extruded granular are quoted at $175-180/tonne CFR this week, depending on quality, although there are also quotes of around $170/tonne CFR, and granular (except China) are priced at $184-189/tonne CFR, while for the granular AS that will arrive European in June, the prices are $191-193/tonne CFR.

Due to tight supply, this week's Capro-level offer has risen to $144-146/tonne CFR, but this has caused China's FOB price to return to around $113-115/ton, freight at $22/ton, and European standard grade price at 145- $148/ton CFR.


Mexican buyers have returned to the market to look for shipments from May to June. There is an inquiry about 20,000 tons of ammonium sulphate, to be shipped from Europe to the east coast of Mexico in May. The standard AS price is $154-159/ton CFR and the granualr AS price is $184-189/ton CFR.


Mayafert purchased 9000 tons of standard grade ammonium sulphate and 10,000-15,000 tons of ammonium nitrate to be shipped in June. 



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