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International DAP/MAP market

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   The price of phosphoric acid in India is fixed, and the import of DAP is accelerated

The current market focus is still India. After several months of downturn in the Indian market, Indias imports this week have reached 300,000 tons, with an import price of US$560-562/ton CFR. A new round of procurement is currently under negotiation.

  In Latin America, the ammonium phosphate market is relatively quiet. The price of MAP in Brazil has further weakened and has now reached US$600-610/ton CFR, mainly due to insufficient market demand.

   Markets west of Suez are weak, while prices in east markets are stable

   India remains the focus of attention because of slowing demand in other destination markets such as the United States, Latin America and Europe. India, Pakistan and Bangladesh are now the focus of production companies, but the demand in these three countries should be sufficient to maintain price stability.


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