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International Compound Fertilizer Market

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Kenya KTDA Company won the tender for 88,000 tons of tea-specific compound fertilizers by Russian sources

Kenya Tea Development Authority (KTDA) held a tender for 88,000 tons of NPK 26-5-5 tea-specific compound fertilizer on May 10. Trader ETG won the bid with the supply source supported by Russian manufacturer Rossosh, and the award price was $761.50/ton CFRLO bag Mombasa Hong Kong, delivery in August-September.

The Kenyan tea growing season runs from August to November. KTDA had tendered on February 11, requesting a delivery date of June. ETG had bid $628.1/t CFRLO Mombasa Port with the products of Russian manufacturer Rossosh, but KTDA chose to pass the bid due to concerns about the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

KTDA's decision to award the contract to ETG, a trader supported by Russian manufacturer Rossosh, shows that Kenya is willing to purchase Russian products when global buyers' trust in Russian products has declined after the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

The winning bid was $133.4/t higher than the bid price on February 11.




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