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International Ammonium Phosphate Market

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The price gap between east and west narrows

The east-west spread narrowed slightly this week,Chinese DAP prices rising in the latest sales in Southeast Asia, while DAP prices to Brazil were weaken slightly. The selling price of China's DAP in the Philippines is US$1,150/ton CFR, and the FOB price is in the range of US$1,085-1,095/ton FOB. Chinese products are also offered to Pakistani buyers at prices close to $1,100/t fob. The price has risen compared to the price 1050-1080 US dollars / ton FOB last week.

 Meanwhile, Brazilian prices fell to $1,280-$1,300/t cfr after remaining flat at $1,300/t cfr for several weeks. MAP prices have surged since the end of February, putting pressure on fertilizer affordability amid rising crop prices. In other markets, prices were largely unchanged and market activity was sparse. Jordanian producers cancelled sales tenders for DAP and MAP last week.

West prices flat, global DAP/MAP expected to firm in May

Importers set their sights on China and assess urea price trends, and a lack of buying interest in Latin America has halted buying activity. But the phosphate market is still in short supply, and prices may rise in the second quarter. In east of Suez, DAP prices will keep rising, narrowing the gap with western prices.




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