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International Ammonium Phosphate Market

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At the beginning of 2022, Indian fertilizer importers receive a large amount of DAP cargoes. Shipments of DAP from China, Saudi Arabia, Russia and Jordan exceeded 250,000 tonnes in the past week. Import CFR prices range from $907-925/t. There are also new procurement tenders in India, with importer RCF seeking 100,000 tonnes of DAP for February shipment, while the NFL is asking for long-term supplies of up to 750,000 tonnes. The Brazilian market has been quiet, and MAP prices have remained stable, and South American markets, including parts of Brazil and Argentina, have been affected by drought, which has affected crop growing conditions and pushed up food prices.

Prices keep stable in east of Suez, and weakness in west of Suez

In the coming weeks, Indian import prices and synthetic ammonia prices will provide support for the DAP market, while other regional markets remain inactive, with little support for prices west of Suez, as demand softens, especially from Brazil and the United States.




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