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China Ammonium Sulfate Market

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Supported by tight supply and rising international urea prices, the price of standard ammonium sulfate firmed to $195-220/ton fob China. This range also reflects rising producer offers this week, from $200-210/t fob to $220-230/t fob. A cargo investigation is underway for 36,000-45,000 tonnes of standard ammonium sulfate to be shipped from Xiuyu Port to the Euro-Mediterranean on September 10-15. A southern supplier said it had sold 20,000 tonnes of standard ammonium sulfate to the shipment. Export demand for standard ammonium sulfate increased this week.

Two bids from Southeast Asia used Chinese products, reflecting a net return of $195-200 per ton (fob China). There were also more inquiries from Europe, Turkey, Mexico, East Africa and Brazil. Granular and compacted prices rose sharply to $215-260/ton fob China as export demand continued to gain momentum. The highest quoted price is reported to be $300/ton, fob China, for shipment in October.

Severe drought in China meant that several ports along the Yangtze River were unable to call ships at the beginning of the week, but heavy rains in the region partially eased the situation by mid-week. Domestic steel prices rose sharply to 1,150-1,250 yen per ton (ex-works in Shanxi), up about 50-100 yen (per ton) from last week. Compactors compete for caprolactam-grade standard ammonium sulfate (their raw material) to increase production to meet September-October shipments to Brazil, Europe, Australia and Mexico. Some compactors also purchased cargoes of caprolactam grade ammonium sulphate as raw material because the prices of steel and caprolactam grade ammonium sulphate are similar. This allows the compactors to increase production to supply the European market, where they can earn higher net returns.




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