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China Ammonium Sulfate Market

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After the quotation of the quantity increased, the sales of ammonium sulfate was stable under the framework of the new round of sales. The latest China FOB quotation rose to US$202-205 per ton in October, an increase of US$1-2 from last week. A trader sells 10,000 tons for immediate shipment to Indonesia at a price of US$198/ton fob China. A manufacturer is negotiating 6000-7000 tons,with FOB price of 200 US dollars per ton, export to the Southeast Asian market. The two parties did not reach any agreement. The granular ammonium sulphate market prices remained stable under signs of flatness, and after the end of the Chinese holiday, new activities were limited at the beginning of the week. However, as the Brazilian CFR indicator started to rise at the end of the week, market sentiment was firm. Chinas exports of ammonium sulfate fell in August, and Chinas exports to Brazil fell from 403,395 tons a year ago to 173,507 tons in August, which largely contributed to the decline in Chinas exports in August. In the first seven months of this year, Brazil imported 1.31 million tons of ammonium sulfate from China, almost twice the amount in the same period last year. Indonesia also reduced its importing of ammonium sulfate from China from 90,406 tons in August last year to 56523 tons in August.



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