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Urea 46%

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  • Sep
    The international urea market is active in the East and slow in the West

    India's MMTC purchased nearly 1.8 million tons of urea this week, which is close to the highest level in history. This will greatly increase the amount of urea from different sources, so that suppliers can still rest assured in October. As traders cover the current prices, FOB prices have basically

  • Aug
    The latest development of India RCF urea bidding in India

    According to the latest report, eight of the nine suppliers accepted the bid in India's RCF tender on August 10. The details are as follows:Midgulf 186.5Ameropa 199.5Koch 50Continental 50Amber 45Dreymoor 147Swiss 141Samsung 139A total of 958,000 tons. If all the above are confirmed, then three biddi

  • Jul
    India MMTC Urea Import Bidding Situation

    On July 17, India MMTC received a bid for a total of 2.057 million tons of bids from 15 suppliers. The lowest price on the east coast was 240.5 CFR USD/ton provided by Samsung, and the lowest price on the west coast was 242.5 CFR USD/ton provided by Midgulf.Generally, the domestic FOB price is calcu

  • Jun
    Urea price in India is a challenge

    Why traders were willing to sell for glory rather than profit in India's bid remains a mystery. Indian institutions are purchasing on behalf of the government, regardless of whether the price is $300/ton or $200/ton cfr, they will buy the same amount of urea. Someone has to be L1, but why lower it?H

  • May
    India MMTC announced the tender of urea in May 7th

    May 7th India MMTC urea import bidding, June 15th, a total of 14 suppliers were received, with a total supply of 2.393 million tons The lowest CFR price: USD 226.81 / ton for Dreymoor on the west coast and USD 231.90 / ton for Samsung on the east coast. The lowest price on the west coast is lower th

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Urea 46%

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