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Why has China's Hexamine price  increased sharply recently?

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Since the end of September this year,China Hexamine market  have changed much.The price rises from about USD610 per ton to USD910 per ton.Meanwhile,the price will keep the trend of going up till the middle of December this year.What happened for Hexamine  market in China recently?

According to our company analysis,there are the follow reasons;

1.Because Glyphosate markets are so good that Glycine markets are good too,and Hexamine is the main product to process Glycine.Therefore,sudden enlargement of demand puts more pressure on supply.

2.The market for Methanol,the main raw material of Hexamine,began to rise.

3.Because of the smog control in  northern China every winter,many Hexamine factories have stopped production,and the tight  supply situation is even more serious.



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