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Urea market is spiraling rise

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There is no sign that the bull urea market will weakening, the strong demand and tight export supplies are supporting price increases in the entire market.

Egyptian urea prices rose by US$10-20 per ton, reaching to the FOB price of US$360-370 per ton. The goods for March are now basically sold out, highlighting the supplier's comfortable position. The selling price of Middle East is USD 365/ton FOB-it is the highest price since September in 2014. The strong demand for safrinha pushed up the CIF price of Brazilian prilled urea to US$370/ton, while purchases from the United States pushed Nola barge prices up again.    Indonesia's Pupuk benefits from the lack of alternative supply options and sells granular and granular products at a FOB price of US$320/ton.

We are at a highest price for many years, and people are a little anxious about this high price. However, strong seasonal demand and moderate supply should support prices in the short time.

The outlook for the United States remains strong. By the end of spring, it is about 2 million tons urea will be imported from overseas, the United States should keep its price premium to Brazil.

         India is expected to be withdrawn: the pressure on winter demand has eased, but since DOF realizes that current market conditions may only allow coverage of the minimum amount in the early summer, the pressure on winter demand is expected to be announced next month.

         China's supply is rising steadily: as production resumes, production will increase. Because the seller chooses to make a profit,there will be more exporting cargo with attractive international prices.



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