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Ukraine 16-16-16 price rebound

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After three months of price plunging, the price of Ukraine 16-16-16 seems to have bottomed out, the latest sales price has risen slightly, and the 16-16-16 small batch is sold at 10400 HRN/t cpt. Higher, increased by 100-300 HRN/t from last week. But in an environment of extremely low demand and high inventory, this gain is unexpected.


Some suppliers have received several NP/NPK import inquiries from Ukraine, but it is believed that Ukrainian importers are only verifying prices, not really interested in reaching a deal. However, these enquiries indicate that although there are an estimated 300,000 tons of NP/NPK/MAP inventories in the country after the disappointing fall application season, the import demand in the spring will still be considerable.


In West Africa, bids with a total demand of 865,140 tons have not yet been won. In East Africa, Ethiopia's EABC has not yet issued its tender, covering nearly 900,000 tons of demand for this crop. 



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