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U.S. phosphate price soars,which boost the global prices

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    US phosphates led the rise again in this week,which pushing phosphate prices up. The median FOB price of Nola DAP rose by US$85/short ton to US$550/short ton. The current CFR  price in the U.S. Gulf is about $600/ton,this is the highest level since 2012.

    In the past week, Nola's median FOB price of DAP rose by US$73/short ton to US$493-525/short ton. The net price and increase in the original market surged, and phosphate markets is following with it. In Brazil, the CFR price of 40,000-ton DAP from Saudi Arabian that will to be shipped in March was sold at US$510/ton, higher than last week’s at US$445-490/ton. In Europe, the Russian DAP offer rose to US$527/ton FCA Germany.

The supply of gobal phosphate is tight, and market expectations in the first quarter and April are improving. With high food prices, farmers in Brazil and other import markets can accept the increase in fertilizer prices. Importers are looking for alternatives to DAP/MAP, but suppliers are increasing the TSP prices now.



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