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U.S. and Brazil DAP/MAP prices rise

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The average daily barge price in the United States remained flat for most of the week, but the market price of MAP increased, and the mid-range price rose by US$15/short ton to US$610-640/short ton FOB Nora, and the high-end price was equivalent to US$700/ton. CFR. At this level, several MAP trades have been reached, including goods from North Africa and Saudi Arabia.

The price of MAP in Brazil rose from the mid-range price of US$638/ton to US$650/ton CFR.

China also followed up with new export orders, and the export price climbed to US$545/ton fob. There are no new deals in India.

Due to the tight supply of MAP in the U.S. and Brazil markets, and there is expected to be a purchase demand in Bangladesh and India, the phosphate market may be stable in the second and third quarters



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