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The weak phosphate price puts pressure on NPK prices

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The continued decline in phosphate prices has penetrated the NPK market, driving down the price of the Baltic/Black Sea. The price of the Baltic/Black Sea NPK 15-15-15 has dropped from FOB $275/ton to $265-270/ton, which is more pronounced in Romania's latest sales and European offers. The price of 10-26-26 also dropped slightly, from the high price of $330/ton of the FOB Baltic  to the low price of $330/ton, while the price of 16-16-16 was down by $5/ton to 290-300 US dollars / ton FOB Baltic .


At the same time, the continued depreciation of the RMB against the US dollar has caused Chinese suppliers to lower their export offers. The offer for 16-20-0+13S has dropped by $5/ton to FOB $230/ton.


Elsewhere in Asia, Posco International sold a batch of Indonesian goods 20-20-0 13 s to IPL at a price of US$313-314/ton FOB, and the shipment period at the end of August was 150 days. Acron has sold more than 20,000 tons of NPKs, including 15-15-15 and 16-16-16, at $365-380/ton CIF Southeast Asia. There are also unconfirmed reports that Philippine Taikoo Technology purchased 14-14-14 from China at a price of US$260/ton.



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