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The recovery of compound fertilizer’s purchase rate in Eastern Europe

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OCP will further expand the sales of compound fertilizers in the European Union and enter into the areas which was dominated traditionally by Russian producers. The Jorf Lassar cargo ship will load 4,000 tons of 10-26-26 to Romania. The cargo also includes 14,000 tons of MAP and 13,000 tons of DAP. The price of 10-26-26 has not been determined,  but it is likely to be roughly the same grade OCP sold to Ukraine recently for shipment in June at US $295 / ton FOB Morocco.

The demand for NPK in Romania and its neighbor Bulgaria has not recovered until the autumn application season. Some traders expect buyers to confirm storage transactions soon, or to deliver in August-September, which is usually the case at this time of year. However, some people said that the large amount of high-cost stocks last autumn fall will prevent importers from stocking in advance.

However, there has been demand in Ukraine, especially for 20-20-0+S. 15,000-20000 tons of Bulgarian NPS will be shipped to Ukraine this month, and other grades and origins has been discussed.

Elsewhere, demand in Guatemala is recovery. Although there has been discussions on the delivery of 30,000 tons of 20-20-0+13 to India, no agreement has been reached.

Ukrainian demand have emerged

Buyers have hardened their minds ahead of a potential quota for nitrogen fertiliser, which is widely opposed.Some believes the quote will take effect on August 1.



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