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The price of diammonium phosphate is temporarily stable

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     India and Pakistan purchased 250,000 tons of diammonium this week because

of tight supply in China and temporary price stability.


   IPL purchased two batches of diammonium from China and viatraders at $328-329/tonne CFR. Chambal purchases abatch of Chinese diammonium at thesame price. At the same time, Pakistan importers purchased 4-45 millionAustralian diammonium in the firstweek of November at a price of $332-333/tonne CFR.  Nepal’s KSCL ended the tender for the purchase of 20,000 tons of diammonium, and the Indian GSFC tender ended.


    In Europe, Turkey's diammonium price

fell to $330/ton cfr after selling 35,000 tons of OCP diammonium. However, the price in Northern Europe remains at around $350/ton fca. In West of Suez,the market in Latin America is still  weak, and the price of Brazil is low, at $300-310/ton CFR. This week, the price of US diammonium barges hit a 10-year low of US$270/tonne FOB Nora.



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