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The melamine market is advancing smoothly

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1.Market analysis


Today, the domestic melamine market is advancing steadily, and the normal pressure mainstream factories are maintained at RMB 5200-5300 / ton. In terms of installations, Shanxi Fengxi, Shandong Shuntian, and Henan Jinshan resumed production, and melamine operating rates picked up; in terms of demand, there was no significant change, and the general market atmosphere was just to support procurement; in terms of raw materials, urea prices rose slightly, slightly supporting melamine . On the whole, the domestic melamine market is not good enough. Enterprises are supported by previous orders to take goods. It is expected that the short-term market will be stable and wait and see.


2. Related products


The supply of domestic urea to participate in the printing of labels has been gradually concluded, and some gas heads have also been stopped. Although the supply side is increasing, the market is still tepid, and at this time, a certain enterprise in Hebei Province installed a parking repair. 5 Around -7 days, this stalemate market atmosphere was broken. Many merchants took the opportunity to buy bottoms in moderation. The low-end transactions of individual manufacturers in mainstream areas increased and prices rose. The overall market atmosphere also experienced subtle changes. Increased, low-end prices increased significantly. However, the market sentiment after the weekend is still general, and the downstream merchant manufacturers are still cautious, so most of the market will mildly explore.


3. Market Forecast


There is no obvious change in the domestic melamine market, the fundamental performance is average, the market lacks strong positive guidance, and is mainly stable in the short term.



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