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The international compound fertilizer market

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India is snapping up while the Malawi market is silent. Chinese and Eastern European markets are more clam because of the public holiday, at the same time,it makes the preparations for the main seasons in Southeast Asia slowing down.

 India RCF bid for 50,000 tons of 20-20-0+13S and 50,000 tons of 10-26-26 on May 6, but did not receive any quotations. RCF request the delivery time within 30 days of the purchase order, but supply is tight in May. The supplying is tight recently, but the global demand is slow, and prices remain stable.

Demand has emerged in East Africa. SFFRFM pulished the tender of 2021-22 project (AIP) about 125,000 tons of 23-10-5+6S+1Zn supply, warehousing and retail on behalf of the goveroment of Malawi. It is reported that in the first 2020-21 AIP,the fund purchased 171,000 tons of NPK and other grades, and the winning bidder distributed at least 150,000 tons. The bidding in 2021-22 is three months ahead of 2020-21, which provides ample room for suppliers to deliver products to potential bid winners in Malawi.

 Supply in May is extremely limited, and demand from India and Southeast Asia will make producers satisfied by June.



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