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The international ammonium phosphate market operates stably

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This week, procurement in the main demand market slowed down, and prices remained basically stable.

India signed a new trade order, and Saudi Arabia's Ma'aden sold 45,000-50,000 tons of DAP at 360 USD/ton CFR. The CIF price in India is close to the FOB price in China, and some Chinese DAP companies intend to export at USD 360/ton FOB, so the supply is tight.

The Pakistan market is less active than last week, and the offer price is around US$370/ton CFR.

There has been some demand in Southeast Asia, with several Bids from Indonesian companies closing this week.Pupuk Indonesia purchased 105,000 tons of DAP from a trading company.

The price of MAP in Brazil rose slightly, and the price of OCP in Morocco was $360/ton CFR. Argentina sells DAP/MAP at a price of US$380/ton CFR.

Demand in Pakistan is likely to increase further.India's demand is drawing to close. Brazil and Argentina have limited supplies of DAP/MAP during peak planting seasons.



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