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The international ammonium phosphate market is in steady operation

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The demand for DAP in Pakistan has increased and market activity has increased.

China and Morocco will ship at least 130,000 tons of DAP, with prices ranging from US$360-370/ton CFR. Moroccan offered was lower than USD 360/ton CFR, but was no deal. The high-end price for the latest Pakistani orders has risen by more than $10 a tonne because of the tight imports time frame. Indian buyers have also bought several DAP vessels from China and Saudi Arabia at prices as high as $365 per ton of CFR.

The price difference between the US Nola MAP and DAP barges reached $15/short ton on September 11.

Brazil has new orders for MAP. Russian producer Phosagro's November order price was $365/ton CFR, and the price of Moroccan DAP was as low as $360/ton CFR. Demand in Argentina was continues, and the price of DAP phosphate/MAP is $360/ton CFR. But China's product supply is tight.

Demand for DAP from Pakistan and India will remain firm in the coming weeks. The United States, which is in short supply of mono ammonium phosphate, may consider imports from countries other than Russia or Morocco



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