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The international DAP/MAP market is tight and prices is rising

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Prices of MAP and DAP continued to rise this week.

The price of China’s DAP rose to US$332-335/ton FOB, from US$330/ton FOB last week. Thailand purchases DAP at a high price of US$340/ton CFR. India ordered of China’s DAP at a price as low as US$340/ton CFR, it likely as an early order. Two importers have recently conducted procurement tenders, but Pakistan has not made any new transactions.

The Russian DAP transaction price is 370 US dollars/ton FCA Ghent, the same range as German ports, compared with last week's FCA price of around $350 a tonne.

The price of MAP in Brazil has further climbed, and the price of Phosgro's small orders is between 350-355 US dollars/ton CFR, higher than 345-350 US dollars/ton CFR.

Laura closed the New Orleans port, but the impact of phosphate on shipping was limited.

The international DAP/MAP market was in steady operation.

In the coming months, Purchase from India and Pakistan will continue to support prices. In Brazil, demand for MAP slowed with the start of Safra season.



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