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The epidemic complicates market sentiment

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Most countries will have uncertainty due to the impact of the epidemic, and transactions in the global compound fertilizer market are still very light.


Although the agriculture and fertilizer sectors are considered essential industries, these restrictions have created logistics bottlenecks, labor shortages, and financial difficulties that have hindered the uncertainty of end-user demand.


The Chinese market continues to recover, but demand is weak after the early rice planting is over. Interest in Europe is also tepid, especially in Ukraine, where the warm and dry weather dampens the demand of farmers.


Africa had some demand this week, and Guinea issued an inquiry asking for nearly 23,000 tons of compound fertilizer to be delivered in May-June. The AO company in Malawi has completed a bid for more than 7 thousand tons of compound fertilizers of different grades, which will be used in tobacco crops and will be delivered between late June and October. Ghana will soon receive 25,000 tons of Turkish compound fertilizer for cocoa crops.



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