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The development of India RCF urea bidding

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On March 22, India RCF bidding, East Coast CFR 379.87 USD/MT, West Coast CFR 380.18 USD/MT, confirmed 1.332 million tons, currently waiting for official confirmation!

Details as follows:

Ameropa 354,000 tons, Koch 150,000 tons, Liven 50,000 tons, Amber 65,000 tons, Keytrade 45,000 tons, Continental 45,000 tons, Swiss 184,000 tons, Samsung 190,000 tons, Dreymoor 104,000 tons, Gavilon 45,000 tons , Transglobe 100,000 tons.

Nearly 1 million tons will be loaded from China, 18 ships was ordered, the price is about FOB 347-348 US dollars/ton.



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