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The International compound fertilizer market

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Despite the sales of NP/NPK decline recently, traders expect the demand is very limited by the end of the first quarter of 2021. RCF issued a bid of 100,000-ton NPS 20-20-0+13S with 100,000 tons.

RCF invites bidders to offer a firm offer for 50,000 tons of NPS, plus an optional ship of 50,000 tons. The bid will be opened on November 18, and the offer is valid until November 26.

RCF requires a firm offer of 50,000 tons of this ship to be shipped to India's east coast port within 35 days after the purchase order is issued. The optional ship should be shipped in the first half of January 2021.

According to Argus data, India imported 590,000 tons of NPS 20-20-0+13S from April to October 2020 (only 163,300 tons in the same period last year), and there is 123,000 tons at least will arrive in November.



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