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TSP market news - Sri Lanka

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According to the tender for the purchase of 10,000 tons of TSP that the Ministry of Agriculture of Sri Lanka yesterday, the price has been opened. A Singapore-based trading company is expected to receive the contract, which will offer CFR price $180/t with 180-day credit or $322/ton for 270-day credit , which will originate in China. The lowest price roughly equal to the last tender of the Ministry of Commerce for 6,700 tons last month. Last month, Valency, a trading company focused on Asia, won the bid at CFR price $317.74/ton (180-day credit ). The bid on Jan 22ed requested ETA during April to Colombo. The quantity gap is less than 5%. The latest data show that China exported about 85,000 tons of TSP in the 12 months until November 2018.



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