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TDI faces the possibility of another big rise

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BASF continues to raise prices, TDI faces the possibility of another big rise


1. Price trend

According to the price monitoring, the TDI of the month was quoted at 28,600 yuan/ton at the beginning of the week, and the price on Friday was closed at 30060 yuan/ton, an increase of 1,460 yuan/ton, up 5.10% from the beginning of the week. Last week's price increase was followed up this week.

2. Analysis of influencing factors

Products: Domestic TDI market prices continued to follow last week's gains. Shandong Dongda Yinuowei Polyurethane Co., Ltd. reported domestic production of 30,500 yuan / ton, BASF 31,000 yuan / ton; Shanghai Xingrong Chemical Co., Ltd. reported dow31500 yuan / ton; Nanjing Carbon Green Chemical Co., Ltd. reported that Zhangzhou Dahua 30,000 yuan / ton; Zhejiang Mantang Gold Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. reported domestic production of 30,000 yuan / ton, BASF 31,000 yuan / ton.

--Industry chain: This week, the TDI market continued to rise. Shanghai BASF reported 35,000 yuan/ton, up 3,000 yuan/ton, or 9%, and continued to raise prices. Because the dealers are mainly low-priced goods, the quotation is not closely followed by the ex-factory price increase. Therefore, the ex-factory price increase will take some time to digest, and the holders are still mainly based on the goods. The downstream side was severely boycotted, the trading was deserted, and just replenishment was needed.

--Industry: Two consecutive TDI prices such a roller coaster-like market shows that there is indeed a problem in the TDI market. At present, TDI is a high-margin product in the polyurethane industry, and the recent collapse to 24,500 is still a high price. Long-term high product prices are not conducive to sustainable development. Domestic and foreign manufacturers are researching ways to reduce or replace the use of TDI. If the price does not return to a healthy level at an early date, the follow-up situation is worrying.

3. Conclusion and Outlook

According to the data engineer's analysis: TDI is not weak in the off-season, BASF takes the lead in price increases, other manufacturers may follow closely, waiting for the supply policy and guidance price, next week's range fluctuations, upward pressure, but does not rule out another big rise may.



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