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Supply is tight, DAP prices rise

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Driven by the demand from India and Pakistan, the price of DAP continued to rise by US$10/ton.

In India, Saudi Arabian producer Ma'aden sold 35,000 tons of DAP at a price of US$350/ton CFR higher than US$340-345/ton CFR. The low-end price of the intention to sell this week is $350/ton, but still need to be verified.

In Pakistan, importers bought two ships of DAPs at a high price of US$350/ton CFR, compared with last week's price range of $345- $350 per ton of CFR. Due to Pakistan's high season of domestic demand in q4, sales will increase further in the coming weeks and imports will also continue to increase.

European DAP prices remain firm, Belgium and France DAP prices are 370 US dollars / ton FCA.

MAP prices for Brazil's Meanhwile are flat at $350- $355 per ton CFR. 

The international ammonium phosphate market is solid, with further purchases from India and Pakistan in the coming months and continued US demand, which will continue to support prices.



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