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Strong monsoon boosts demand in India

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  After FACT tendered 25,000 tons of 20-20-0 + 13S bids, India's fertilizer NPS / NPK imports this year will exceed 700,000 tons, attracting three companies to bid. It has not been granted, but if an agreement is reached, India's imports will reach 718,185 tons, which will be India's highest annual import in the past few years. The strong demand is largely driven by this year's strong monsoon.


  At the same time, bids in Africa remain the focus of attention. A new tender has been issued in Ghana, requiring 266,000 tons of various NPKs, and the tender will end on November 6. Official bids have not yet been announced for bids in Benin, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia and Mali. However, there are reports that Russian products will provide products for Benin's bid, and OCP will occupy most of the Ivorian bidding project. 



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