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New year begins, NPK price keeps stable

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Compared with two weeks ago, the prices of NPKs remained basically unchanged, and some market participants did not return to the market after the holidays.


But as China decides on export tariffs for ternary compound fertilizers, suppliers are increasingly worried about increased competition this year, especially in Asia. Pankobirlik, the Turkish sugar Beet Cooperation, has issued an annual procurement tender for 2019, seeking 107,600 tons of NPKs plus the demand for NPKs which contain micronutrients .


Ghana's Ministry of Food and Agriculture is also on the market for their annual tender, and its annual tender seeks 29.5-41.5 million tons of compound fertilizers with ratios of 20-10-10, 23-10-5 and 15-15-15.

OCP has begun to deliver some of the NPS, NPSB and NPSZnB products, which were purchased by EABC in the annual tender last year. The manufacturer has shipped a ship of NPKs and is expected to issue two more ships in the second half of this month.


Market driven


China’s exports are expected to increase in the market


The Chinese government has decided to cancel the export tariff on ternary compound fertilizer, which is expected to boost China's product supply.


Raw material prices continue to weaken


The weak urea and ammonium phosphate prices have made buyers' expectations for spring prices low.


30 - 60 days outlook- Weakly stable


Affected by the price of raw materials and the desire of suppliers to stimulate sales through price wars, price weakness is expected to continue into the first quarter.



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