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New tariff of fertilizers for 2017 in China

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New tariff of fertilizers for 2017 in China

In December 23, 2017, the State Council Tariff Commission announced the "Notice of 2017 tariff adjustment program", decided to abolish the export tariffs of nitrogen fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer and other fertilizers, and appropriate to reduce the export tariffs of ternary compound fertilizer.
In 2017, China's fertilizer import and export tariff policy changes: eliminat export tariffs of urea, ammonium chloride and other nitrogen fertilizer ; remove the export tariff of Triple Superphosphate(TSP), Calcium Superphosphate(SSP) and other phosphate fertilizer export tariffs;  abolish the export tariff of Monoammonium Phosphate(MAP), Diammonium Phosphate(DAP) and  binary compound fertilizer; NPK ternary compound fertilizer's export tariffs changed from 30% to 20%; But export tariff for potassium chloride, potassium sulfate and other potash fertilizer remain unchanged.
So the export tariff of fertilizers is potassium chloride (600 yuan / ton), potassium sulfate (600 yuan / ton), potassium nitrate (

ad valorem 5%), potassium mineral fertilizer (ad valorem 30%), NPK ternary compound fertilizer (ad valorem 20%), phosphorus and potassium binary compound fertilizer (ad valorem 5%), and other fertilizers are all exempted from export tariffs.



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