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Market report of urea in China

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Recently the industrial receiving of urea is slight, a few manufacturers lower the price as the time to prepare fertilizers haven’t come in most of areas. Main urea factories in Shandong, Shanxi, Anhui offer temporary stability after dropping. Few receiving in industrial market, also very scattered in agricultural fertilizer preparement, urea high-end quotation in these regions still slightly drop 10-20 yuan (tons of price, similarly hereinafter), there are also some manufacturers’ offer seems steady but dropped stealthily. Factories in two rivers area of shandong offer EXW price 1230-1260 yuan and negotiable for outgoing delivery ; Jiangsu area is impacted by the provincial cheap supply of goods, main EXW offers drop 20 to 1330-1370 yuan, slightly lower when clinch a deal; Hubei factories’ delivery is common, main offer lower 30 to 1320-1350 yuan, most of the EXW price is 1320 yuan and negotiable for outgoing delivery; The market in Northeast, northwest, southwest also is general, manufacturers’ offer is weak stability. The demand of granular urea is insipid, mainly be sent to the port by factories. Recently ex-factory price from manufacturers in Heilongjiang and Inner Mongolia fell by 20 yuan.



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