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  • Dec
    China ammonium sulfate market

    Due to low export and weak domestic market demand, the price of ammonium sulfate continue to decline in China. Chinese producers are quoting around US $ 94-96 / ton FOB, but it is reported prices as low as US $ 92-93 / ton FOB. The operating rate of the caprolactam garde ammonium sulphate factory ha

  • Nov
    OCP wins Ethiopia tender for 2019-20

    This week, Ethiopia's EABC awarded OCP with an annual NPS tender, but only for batches for the 2019-2020 crop year. The tender initially required close to 3 million tons of various NPS varieties to be delivered in the next three crop years. The total demand in 2019-20 is 888,000 tons, which is more

  • Nov
    The melamine market is advancing smoothly

    1.Market analysis Today, the domestic melamine market is advancing steadily, and the normal pressure mainstream factories are maintained at RMB 5200-5300 / ton. In terms of installations, Shanxi Fengxi, Shandong Shuntian, and Henan Jinshan resumed production, and melamine operating rates picked up;

  • Nov
    India, Brazil market is volatile, other markets are stable

    India's NPS/NPK imports reached an all-time high and sold 20,000 tons this week. India's Chamba procured 2w tons of Russian 12-32-16 at a price of $300 / t CFR, which makes the current total import volume of fertilizers reach 68.5174w tons. In comparison, imports were 651,500 tons last year, and imp

  • Nov
    India makes market speculation

    RCF's attitude toward bidding is more calm, which makes the urea market always unstable. Unlike the MMTC, the RCF only announced the quantity on November 14th, and the price was partially postponed to 15th. The huge tonnage provided – 3.2 million tons – means that India will be able to get more than

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