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International urea markets are stable except the US

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There was little change in prices due to holiday affected in one week. The sales have indicated that prices in June are at mainstream levels. FOB prices of Chinese and Indonesian sellers reached US$230 per ton or higher. The FOB prices in the Middle East and Egypt are US$210-215 per ton, while Russia's urea is US$190 per ton.


No one is talking about price increases, however the market has stabilized, the suppliers are wait for news from India to repurchase the shipping schedule in the second half of June. Stable offers from China support the market in the short term.


Prices may be under pressure again in July. Europes natural gas are at low prices, increased Ukrainian exports and higher production in China will test the markets ability to absorb all available urea.


India: The new tender is expected to end in the first half of June, which will enable MENA and Black Sea producers to sell at prices close to current prices.


China: The daily production exceeds 160,000 tons. From July, producers will have to choose whether to reduce production or speed up exports.


Gas charges: Low prices of natural gas encourage the opening up of the largest production in the spot natural gas market, especially in North America, Western Europe and Eastern Europe.



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