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International market of ammonium sulphate

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Since April, India's imports reached 440-4.5 million tons.


Indian port diammonium stocks fell to 454,000 tons


China sells 100,000 tons of monoammonium in Australia/Latin America


Pemex will sell diammonium, monoammonium, and TSP to the US


Demand side:


India has purchased more than 200,000 tons of monoammonium, and still a demand of 150,000 tons


Nitron bids for Ecuadorian diammonium


RCF bids 70,000 tons of phosphate rock


Kenya, Iraq buy 25,000 tons of Saudi diammonium


Sudan purchases 25,000 tons of diammonium from JPMC and will ship it in September


About Price:


The price of diammonium purchased by India is about $427/ton including freight..


Brazil's monoammonium is CIF $455/ton


China's diammonium FOB price is 414 US dollars / ton


China's monoammonium FOB price is 340 US dollars / ton


Saudi Arabia sells diammonium to Kenya at a price of US$420/ton offshore.



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