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International market of ammonium sulphate (AS) 

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 Due to limited export supply, China'sAS prices remain strong. Domestic demand in spring is expected to end in April. But due to the recent concentration of equipment maintenance, the supply is still tight. The producer's target is $113-115/tonne FOB, but traders are bidding in the FOB around $109-111/ton. It seems the price of shipping to Southeast Asia this week is $111-113/ ton FOB.

 The price of extrusion products offered by traders in May was $145-147/ ton FOB, higher than last week's $142-147/ ton FOB, also reflected that the current standard grade of ammonium sulphate market mentality is still relatively strong, granules is $161-164/ton FOB.


Farmix has purchased 50,000-70,000 tons of caprolactam-grade AS from China at a price of $111/tonne FOB, equivalent to $136/CFR Poro Point.


 A small amount of Chinese caprolactam-grade AS is supplied at a price of US$126/ton CFR.


 Agromate recently queried the 20,000-ton MMA-grade product to be shipped in May, but the company did not purchase it due to improper price. Last week, in Malaysia, the price of raw materials for East Asia (excluding China) was at US$124-126/tonne (CFR).

  Black sea

 Kubyshev Nitrogen did not sell the shipments from the Black Sea in May, and the manufacturer will provide domestic buyers with about 1.2 tons of standard grade products at an ex-factory price of 10,000 rubles per ton, excluding the VAT for 50 kg packaging ( It is equivalent to $155-156 / ton). In addition, Kubyshev Nitrogen sold 2,000 tons of standard grade ammonium sulphate to Hungarian buyers at a price equivalent to $130/tonne FOB.

 ArcelorMittal and DMZ held a tender in Ukraine to sell 3,000 tons and 800 tons of steel grade ammonium sulphate for shipment in May. The bidding results are unknown.

  Northwestern Europe

 According to reports, a European buyer sold 3,000 tons of standard caprolactam-grade AS at a price of 115 euros/ton FOB (US$129/ton FOB), and the net price in the Brazilian market reached US$121-123/ton FOB.



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