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International ammonium sulfate market

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Black Sea / Baltic Sea


Russian producers promised to deliver in October, but have not show the ammonium sulfate

standards for November shipments yet.


At present, Russian farmers have limited demand for extruded granular ammonium sulphate, and suppliers are building stocks before the next season. At the same time, Kuaz has sold 4,000

tons of extruded granular ammonium sulphate for exportting. The goods will be shipped to the Baltic States in October.


Kuaz Asn department postponed until December


Kuaz further delayed the start-up time of its 385,000 tonne/year ammonium ammonium sulfate (ASN) unit in the Samara region of Russia to December. The plant was originally scheduled to

go into production in July, but production was postponed until October. Once the ASN unit is

put into operation, the standard product supply of Merchant Ammonium Sulfate is expected to shrink to 40,000-50,000 tons/year.


Northwestern Europe


Due to the tight supply of ammonium sulfate in Northwest Europe, there is little information

on the market.


Recently, the price of small goods transported by European buyers for a batch of trucks is

equivalent to the price of 118-119 euros/ton FOB or 129-131 dollars/ton FOB.




There are no new sales information in Turkey this week. The price recommended by importer is

in the range of 130-135 US dollars / ton CFR, including 180 days of letter of credit, while

South Korea will be shipped in November with an internal grade of ammonium sulphate quoted at $ 137-139 / ton CFR, 180 days Letter of credit. .


Domestic producer Eti Bakir increased operating rates this year and reduced import demand.

Local buyers are discussing the purchase of 100,000 tons of domestic ammonium sulphate in

the next six months.




China's standard ammonium sulphate price weakened because producers tried to clean up their stocks when the market was weak. The market price is at $108-112/ton FOB, which includes

the low price in northern China.


Fubont sold three batches of 6,500 tons of internal ammonium sulphate at a price of US$110-112/ton FOB Fujian. The goods will be sent to Southeast Asia at the end of October. A trader

purchased 10,000 tons of standard ammonium sulphate and a pack of extruded granular

ammonium sulphate, which together with urea will be loaded into Peru and Ecuador in late October. The standard ammonium sulfate price is $112/ton FOB.


Due to the weak demand for granular ammonium sulfate, the operating rate of China's

granular ammonium sulfate manufacturers has decreased. As a result, the ability to export is

limited, and the price for higher quality grades is $134-139/tonne FOB.


Southeast Asia


In Malaysia, buyers are currently buying ammonium chloride to produce compound fertilizers.

The sales price of the internal grade ammonium sulfate shipped from Thailand in November was US$113/ton CFR. In general, the price of the internal grade ammonium sulfate is in the range of 115-120 US dollars / ton CFR.


Until October before shipment, the price of cargo in the Southeast Asian market has been in

the range of 127-129 US dollars / ton CFR or 131-133 US dollars / ton CFR, but the quotation has been falling, traders this is short.


The price of Vietnamese buyers want is around $124-126/ton CFR. The latest transaction price

of Chinese products is 127-129 US dollars / ton CFR.




A local plant named Solveo purchased a standard ammonium sulfate from USA with 25,000-tons which ship in October to Africa. The shippment will be unloaded in Senegal and Cameroon.




Demand in Brazil is still slow and prices are falling slightly. Despite this, China granular

ammonium sulfate which will ship in December is 164-166 US dollars / ton CFR this week.


Some traders still think $170-175/tonne CFR. The price index of granular ammonium

sulphate is as low as $181-183/tonne CFR.


The standard ammonium sulfate price negotiated by China at the end of October was $137-140/tonne CFR. There is no new European ammonium sulphate sales report this week, and the

target price of the next sale of the manufacturer is 140-145 US dollars / ton CFR.


Bestwin is checking the 35000 to 40000 tons cargo of ammonium sulphate which will load in

Tianjin in late October and will ship to Vila do Conte and Itaqui or the ports of Sao Francisco do Sul and Paranagua.


Import slowdown in September


Brazil imported 212,000 tons of ammonium sulphate in September, down from 233,000 tons in the same month of 2018. The cargo which was from China were 165,000 tons, compared to

109,000 tons last year. The United States supplied 21,000 tons, slightly less than 24,000 tons.

Delivery from Europe dropped significantly, with 20,000 tons shipped in Belgium (54,000 tons in 2018), 7,000 tons (19,000 tons) shipped in Poland, and no shipping records (19,000 tons) in

the Netherlands.


Year-to-date imports are still higher than last year. Brazil imported 1.7 million tons of

ammonium sulphate from January to September, a year-on-year increase of 14%. China

accounted for 67% of Brazil's imports, with a total shipment of 1.14 million tons, compared

with 843,000 tons last year. Belgium supplies 310,000 tons (284,000 tons), the United States 126,000 tons (120,000 tons), the Netherlands 45,000 tons (9.4 tons) and Poland 50,000 tons (60,000 tons).


Central America


Nitron has sold 17,000 tons of ammonium sulphate from China to several US importers and will ship it from China along with urea in October. The price of granular ammonium sulfate is 170-180 US dollars / ton CFR Colombia and the US West Coast Central Port four port unloading




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