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International ammonium sulfate market

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Black Sea / Baltic Sea

As Russian producers focus on domestic delivery, the export supply of ammonium sulphate remains tight. SBU Azot may ship 4-5,000 tons of ammonium sulphate from the Baltic or Black Sea in November. Kubyshev nitrogen does not offer recently, but offshore exports can be based on sales of Russian compound fertilizer producers and are expected to be completed next week.

A trader asked about 6-7000 tons of caprolactom grade ammonium sulphate and other fertilizers shipping to the Baltic Sea in November at a price of $130/tonne FOB. There is no sales report currently. Overall, producers are still expecting an internal ammonium sulfate price of $120/tonne FOB in the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea.

Due to the lack of raw materials in Russian suppliers, it is currently not possible to produce granular ammonium sulphate at an acceptable price, and Ultramar currently does not produce granular ammonium sulphate. Domestic compound fertilizer producers are buying a large amount of caprolactom grade and steel grade ammonium sulfate.

Phosagro plans to start its 300,000 tonne/year synthetic ammonium sulphate plant at Cherepovets on November 20. If the plant is put into production on time, the December production is expected to be about 17,000 tons.

French ammonium sulphate imports surged in August

According to GTT data, the import of ammonium sulphate to France in August this year almost doubled to 51,000 tons, compared with 26,000 tons in the same period in 2018. Belgium supplies 24,000 tons (6,000 tons in 2018), 15,000 tons (6,000 tons) in the Netherlands and 11,000 tons (13,000 tons) in Spain.

So far this year, the import volume has grown more moderately. The total import volume from January to August was 298,000 tons, an increase of 5.5% over last year; the export volume of Belgium and the Netherlands decreased by 14% and 12% respectively to 104,000 tons and 71,000 tons. At the same time, imports from Spain increased by 21% to 67,000 tons. This year, about 33,000 tons were imported from China, up from 6,000 tons last year.


The price of Chinese caprolactom grade ammonium sulfate is about US$108/ton FOB. Traders bid at $103-105/ton FOB this week, but the supplier has not accepted the price. In the Incofe tender that ended last week, the manufacturer's direct offer was at $105-110/ton FOB. Overall, the market was calm and market participants participated in the IFA meeting in Sydney this week.

Bestwin will ship 20,000 tons of ammonium sulphate to Turkey in end October. The shipment was purchased from Fibrant for $110/tonne FOB in the first half of October.


The operating rate of the caprolactam plant in China is about 75%. Baling Petrochemical shut down production on October 21, and the maintenance is expected to last until November 4. Ammonium sulphate is quoted at $130/tonne FOB.

This week, the ex-factory price of steel grade ammonium sulfate rose slightly by RMB 10/ton to RMB 490/ton.


Smartchem Technologies (STL) concluded its tender on October 16 and purchased 15,000 tons of endosulfan ammonium sulfate, which will be delivered to the west coast of India on November 20. The offer is valid until October 23, and STL held a reverse auction on Wednesday with a starting price of $129/tonne CFR, including a 180-day letter of credit.

The company purchased 20,000 tons of ammonium sulphate from a trader at a price of US$128.75/ton CFR for 180 days. Other suppliers offer 137-139 US dollars / ton CFR.

At the beginning of November, a market freight inquiry was circulating in the market, requiring 20,000 tons of south to Qingdao from Qingdao or Xiuyu in early November. The freight rate from China is estimated at 20,000 tons of goods, and the price is 24 US dollars / ton, which means that after deducting credit, the price is 100 US dollars / ton FOB.

Central America

On October 24, Incofe requested a combination of 113,000 tons of standard grade ammonium sulphate and 13,400 tons of ammonium sulphate granules/extruded granules, as well as other fertilizers, which were shipped from China to Moin, Costa Rica from November 20th to 30th. Barranquilla, Colombia, Honduras and St. Thomas in Guatemala.

The tender is expected to take place on October 25. Direct quotes from traders and Chinese producers are $105-110/tonne FOB (standards) and $135-140/tonne FOB (granules/extruded pellets).

Canada-Redwater Expansion Production Project

  Nutrien has begun producing ammonium sulfate at its expansion plant in Redwater, Alberta.



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