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International ammonium sulfate market

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Northwestern Europe

The harvest season in northwestern Europe is earlier, demand should be advanced, and some European buyers are expected to enter the market soon. The standard price quote for Antwerp in August was around $130/ton FOB and the local market price was 115/ton FOB. Suppliers are hesitant about the market outlook. They are worried that the market supply will be tight until the fourth quarter due to urea market.


 Agrofertrans continues to supply Chinese caprolactam grade ammonium sulphate, low price / medium price 140 US dollars / ton cfr, LC, total tonnage is still unclear, roughly 3-5 million tons, shipment possibly a in September or October. Intentional purchase prices remain below $140/ton. The freight of the 30,000 tons of goods from China to Turkey is estimated to be $22-23, which will make it a net profit of about 115 US dollars / ton before the profit, which is unfeasible.


 Russia's supply is still tight, most suppliers are focusing on the domestic market. and the goods in August have been sold out.


 European granulated Ammonium sulfate are quoted at $197-202/ ton, and some sellers have confirmed the price. buyer/importer continues to purchase European granular at a price of $190-195/ton cfr. China's superior product extruded granular ammonium sulfate is 5-10 US dollars / ton lower than European products. Traders estimate that 3-4 kinds of Chinese granular will enter the Brazilian market in August. The price of European standard ammonium sulfate is stable at 150-155 US dollars / ton CFR, and the price in China is USD$5/ton lower. The sellers began to pay attention to the goods in September. Of course, the revision of the truck freight regulations will also cause concern. Trammo loaded 40,000 tons of ammonium sulphate in the freight market in Tianjin, Paranagua and South San Francisco, China Tianjin from August 15th to 20th.


 China's ammonium sulphate prices continue to be strong as August supply is still subject to the imitation of installation and environmental inspections. FOB prices this week increased from $116-118/ton to $116-119/ton. The price of the caprolactam grade is $120/ton FOB. The price of granular ammonium sulphate for the Brazilian market is $155-160/ ton, higher than the last sale price of $145-150/ ton FOB. For a 40,000-ton ship, the freight to Brazil is about $25/ton.

 Continued environmental inspections and summer turnover have led to reduced production, so the supply of steel and caprolactam-grade ammonium sulfate in China remains tight. Due to the lack of steel grade ammonium sulfate in the market, Chinese extrusion granule manufacturers are forced to compete for caprolactam grade. The capacity of the Jiangsu Haili Caprolactam plant is 300,000 tons/year, but due to environmental problems, the plant is still suspensed after 10 weeks. It is not clear when to recover. The Shandong Haili plant also has a production capacity of 300,000 tons/year. It is currently fully open. Overall, Haili’s supply in August is limited. Sinopec Hengyi 300,000 tons / year caprolactam-grade ammonium sulfate plant will be shut down for maintenance in early August, so the sales price this week rose by about 3 US dollars / ton. Hebei Xuyang has sold 2,500 tons of caprolactam-grade ammonium sulfate in the domestic market at a price of about US$120 per ton this week.


 Tianjin, China has 25,000 tons of bulk cargo shipped to Beula Bay and loaded in Indonesia from August 7th to September 30th. According to reports, both AKP and Dumai purchased 50% of the 24,000 tons of goods that arrived in Indonesia last month.


According to reports, Universal Harvester has ended two batches of 6,000 tons of Chinese caprolactam-grade ammonium sulfate last week. Atlas purchased 8,000 tons of caprolactam-grade ammonium sulphate in the tender on July 25th, which will be delivered before August 31st, price about $140/ton CFR. La Filipina also has an intention to purchase 6,000 tons of caprolactam in September.


Vietnam imported 85,965 tons of ammonium sulphate in June 2018, 22% higher than 70,625 tons in May, but fell by 2% than June, 2017.


 Trammo sold 20,000 tons of ammonium sulphate to Canada. According to reports, the price of ammonium sulphate, which Antwerp shipped to St. Lawrence and the Great Lakes in August, was about $34/ton.


Monomeros last week tendered 9,000 tons of capro-grade ammonium sulfate, which will be shipped to Barranquilla in August. The high price changed the buyer’s requirements, with a shipment of 6,000 tons of ammonium sulphate to a part of Colombia's western port from China.


 From August 6th to 9th, in Ulsan, South Korea, a trader registered the freight of 25,000-34,000 tons of ammonium sulphate cargo for Manzanillo and Topolowan.



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