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International ammonium sulfate market

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Due to the continued strong domestic demand in March and April, coupled with some domestic-level enterprise installations, the supply has decreased, so the overall export volume is limited, which has supported the stability of China's FOB prices to a certain extent. Installation: On March 26, Jiangsu Haili's annual capacity of 300,000 tons of ammonium sulphate was forced to stop for maintenance; Fujian Shenyuan ammonium sulphate two sets of equipment were parked across the line, which is expected to last for about 1 month.


China's exporingr caprolactam-grade ammonium sulphate price target is 113-115 US dollars / ton FOB, there are reports that there is no less than 110 US dollars / ton FOB products. They are trying to sell to Southeast Asian. The price of extruded granular ammonium sulfate from Chinese manufacturers is still 142-147 US dollars / ton FOB, granular FOB price is about 160 US dollars / ton.




In May, Capro Corp's Ulsan plant was scheduled to be overhauled. Its annual capacity is about 500,000 tons/year. Producers will exit the spot market during the parking period, and in order to meet the spring demand, all goods have promised to be sold domestically.



Due to the lack of rainfall, the demand for ammonium sulphate in Vietnam has been delayed by about one month. Therefore, the import volume in March fell to 100,000 tons, down 21.5% year-on-year. The import volume in the first quarter decreased by 6.6% to 236,000 tons compared with the same period of 2018. It is expected that the next shipment will be in mid-May and May-June.


In Vietnam, there is an inquiry about the delivery of 6,000 tons of ammonium sulphate to Quy Nhon. The freight from South China is about 22-23 US dollars / ton.



It is understood that Atlas purchased 8,000 tons of Japanese caprolactam-grade ammonium sulfate last week, which will be shipped to Sanchi in May, price undisclosed.



A Malaysian buyer issued a request for a shipment in May of 20,000

tons of MMA grade ammonium sulphate. East Asian (non-Chinese) caprolactam grade ammonium sulfate price of 126-129 US dollars / ton CFR, MMA grade close to 120 US dollars / ton CFR. At present, due to the rising price of ammonium chloride in China, there may be some compound fertilizers producer that will purchase ammonium sulfate as raw material.



A trader sold 3,000 tons of caprolactam-grade ammonium sulphate at a price of $130-132/tonne CFR for May and will be shipped to Surabaya and Beula Bay.


Black sea

The supply of ammonium sulphate transported from the Black Sea in May is still expected to be limited.


The Kubyshev Nitrogen caprolactam plant is scheduled to be shut down for maintenance in May, which will reduce 1.1-3.6 million tons. The company will ship 22,000 tons of compacted pellets next month to meet domestic demand. The available grade of standard grade ammonium sulphate is 14,000 tons, but most of the tonnage is expected to be sold in the domestic market during fall.


Schekinoazot's overhaul of the plant in Chenzhou resumed driving this week. The producers are expected to produce 13,000-15,000 tons of standard and compacted pellets in May, but does not provide exports. SBU Azot expects to export 12,000-13,000 tons of caprolactam-grade ammonium sulfate in May.



Gemlik purchased 10,000 tons of caprolactam-grade ammonium sulfate from northwestern Europe this week and shipped it in April. Prices are as low as $140/tonne CFR but are on the basis of paying the current delivery. Last week, a trader sold 20,000 tons of caprolactam-grade ammonium sulphate at a CFR of $155-165 per ton, which will be shipped from Spain in April. A vessel carrying 56,000 tons of Chinese caprolactam-grade ammonium sulfate is expected to arrive in Iskenderun in late May. In addition, approximately 50,000 tons of internal grade products will be shipped from South Korea at the end of May.



Northwestern Europe

The standard grade of ammonium sulphate from producers in northwestern Europe remained unchanged. 

The FOB price was US$140/ton. The supply was tight and the major producers' stocks in May were sold out.


United States

Interoceanic (IOC) has increased its offer for granular ammonium sulphate, which will be open for transport along the upper reaches of the Mississippi River and the entire corn belt from April 19th.


Providing upstream warehouses in the Mississippi River, including São Paulo, Minnesota, La Crosse, Wisconsin, Rock Island, and Illinois, prices climbed to $250/stone fot, equivalent to $226/ton cfr. The price of the inland corn belt warehouse rose to $270 per tonne, equivalent to a CFR of $259 per tonne.



Due to the slowdown in demand, Brazil's price remained unchanged this week. China's compacted ammonium sulphate sales report is $171-176/ton CFR, while European products are priced at $190/ton CFR. The standard grade of ammonium sulfate in China is $140/tonne CFR, and in Europe it is $144-149/tonne CFR.



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