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International ammonium sulfate market

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Buyers in the south of the country have been asking for 6,000 tons of ammonium sulphate for delivery to ports such as Iskenderun by the end of April. Samsung will ship 45,000 tons of goods in the first half of April. The price is 145-146 US dollars / ton CFR tax-free, buyers are currently using 140 US dollars / ton for negotiations.


Agrofertrans offers a 3-45 million tons of Chinese ammonium sulphate cargo. The cost and freight of $130 per ton does not include tax and can enjoy a credit period of 180 to 270 days.


It is estimated that China's FOB price is around US$105 per ton. Lower quality grades, such as steel grades, FOB 100-105 USD/ton in China. However, Turkish buyers are always keen to buy premium white caprolactam grades.


The most recent caprolactam-grade sales to Turkey were at $144-146/ton cfr per ton excluding taxes and credits. But buyers have no choice but to buy from China or South Korea, because European producers' orders are all fully booked. And because of Russia's demand for NPK production, there is almost no available amount outside the Black Sea.




Chinese caprolactam producers continue to offer $110-113/tonne FOB, against bids of $105-108/tonne FOB. However, due to the continued dry weather in Southeast Asia, low-quality caprolactam grades may be less than $110/tonne FOB.


China's ammonium sulphate production cuts: Many plants will be shut down for maintenance from April to June, during which time there may be as much as 21.5-2 million tons of production reduction. And there may be shutdowns due to equipment overhaul and environmental protection. It is estimated that China's ammonium sulphate production capacity is currently 8.5 million tons / year, so these shutdowns are equivalent to a 2.5% reduction in production this year.


According to customs data, China's exports in 2018 were more than 6.8 million tons, so the reduction in sales on the market through simultaneous equipment maintenance was equivalent to 3.2% of the country'



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