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International ammonium sulfate market

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Black Sea, Baltic Sea


Gubyshev nitrogen bid for 3,000 tons of standard ammonium sulphate shipped from the port of Novorossiysk in September.


Mechel manufacturers reported that in September, 1,500-2,000 tons of steel grade ammonium sulphate was sold to Lithuania at a price of $128/ton cpt Draugyste. The lower price of steel grade ammonium sulphate delivered to Lithuania in August was $117-123/tonne CPT.


Russia squeezed granulated ammonium sulphate to the Baltic buyers to offer a price of less than 160 euros / ton dap border war. The current seasonal demand is low, the latest price for Granmax products is €165-175/tonne, and the price for delivery to local farmers is €180/ton.


Northwestern Europe


Due to insufficient production capacity of the caprolactam plant, the supply of ammonium sulphate in northwestern Europe remains tight. The price of 3,000 tons of standard grade ammonium sulphate sent to France in September was 125-130 euros/ton FOB, and the other 2,000 tons was recently 145. The price of USD/ton FOB is sold.


The price of 3mm ammonium sulphate sold in Germany in September was 212-215 euros/ton, and the price of 2mm was 185-188 euros/ton CIF inland price. It is reported that the price for selling 3mm ammonium sulfate to France is 220 euros/ton. The supplier's goods were basically sold out in September, so the main target of the supplier in October was an increase of 3-5 euros per ton.




Elixir's ammonium sulphate bags cost $210/tonne to the FCA Danube port. The price of Spanish ammonium sulphate supplied by Ameroba is $230/ton CFR Constanta Port.




A Chinese producer completed the loading of 30,000 tons of ammonium sulphate cargo this week and shipped it to Turkey.


The price of Korean ammonium sulphate products has been 137-140 US dollars / ton CFR and tax-free and 270-day letter of credit. It is reported that the goods sold for 4-5 million tons will be loaded in October.


Domestic producer Eti Bakir will supply 10,000 tons of standard grade ammonium sulphate for September loading.




Demand for standard ammonium sulphate is still slow, but Chinese producers are reluctant to lower prices due to low stocks, currently priced at $115-116/tonne FOB. The operating rate of the caprolactam plant is still around 75%, but due to China's 70th anniversary and National Day, the operating rate in northern China may decline in the coming month.


A manufacturer said that it sold 16,000 tons of standard ammonium sulfate to South America for $114/tonne FOB this week and will ship it to South America in late September.


The demand in Southeast Asia is very low, and the current market for China is not very large. Unconfirmed reports show that the sales price of goods from southern China in September was 112-113 US dollars / ton FOB.


The price of extruded granular ammonium sulfate is in the range of $140-145/ton CFR.


Southeast Asia


An inquiry sheet of 6,000 tons of standard grade ammonium sulfate was sent to the Philippines.




Due to the slow rate of fertilization by farmers, the lack of warehouse capacity at several ports, including Santos, Alatu and Paranagua, has limited the demand for new imports of ammonium sulphate products.


The sales price of high quality Chinese extruded granular ammonium sulfate is 170-185 US dollars / ton CFR.


European producers have been negotiating to negotiate shipments of ammonium sulphate pellets in October, but importers have rejected offers for $195/tonne CFR.


Due to the increasingly fierce competition from China's extruded granular, the price of ammonium sulfate pellets is currently difficult to exceed $185/tonne CFR.


Therefore, Fitco decided not to import goods from Europe in October.


From October 10th to 20th, there was a 35,000-ton freight inquiry from Tianjin that was sent to the ports of Veradocon, Itaki and Paranagua. 



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