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International ammonium sulfate (AS) market

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The standard grade AS price rose slightly this week, China's FOB price was $113-115 / ton, higher than last week's $111-113 / ton. The supplier's new target price is $115-116/ ton FOB Mainly due to the centralized maintenance of the equipment, the supply of goods remained tight in May. China's FOB pellets shipped in May were US$145-148/ton, while traders' ideas were closer to US$142-144/ton and granulated products were FOF US$161-164.


Atlas purchased 8,000 tons of standard caprolactam-grade AS at the end of May at the price of $131-133/ton CFR and delivered it to Sanchi and Baker. The cost of unloading cargo from China is estimated at $24-27/ton, but the shipment may be shipped from Japan instead of China. Chinese products are shipped to Southeast Asia at a price of US$134-139/ton CFR.

Black sea

SBU Azot has 5000-6000 tons of standard caprolactam AS and is shipped from the Baltic or Black Sea in May. The producer's target is  $125/ton FOB Black Sea, and the buyer's intention is at $121-123/ton FOB Black Sea or lower. ArcellorMittal sold 3,000 tons of steel grade AS to a trader and will ship it to Hulson in May. The price has not yet been announced, estimated $104-106/ton.

Turkey's imports increased in March

In March, Turkey's imports were 150,000 tons, up 7% year-on-year. In the first quarter, imports increased by 18% year-on-year to 293,000 tons. China's imports fell by 8% to 79,000 tons, but in the first quarter, China's total imports was 176,000 tons, an increase of 12%. In the first quarter of 2019, China accounted for 60% of Turkey's total imports , followed by South Korea, with 50,000 tons (17%) and the United States 31,000 tons (11%). Imports from the Netherlands and South Korea increased, making up for imports from China, Ukraine and Russia in March. The Netherlands shipped 22,000 tons of AS to Turkey, but no shipment in March 2018. And imports from South Korea increased by 25% to 50,000 tons, Ukraine and Russia did not export, the import amount in 2018 March was 7000 tons and 6000tons.

Northwestern Europe

European compound fertilizer producers and AS extrusion granule manufacturers are inquiring about standard caprolactam grade products shipped in May-June. In view of tight supply, the supplier's asking price is 130-140 USD/ton FOB, the net price from Brazil is still low, and the FOB price is 120 USD/ton. There is currently limited interest in buying extruded/granular products.


The Brazilian market remains calm, with sporadic sales of compacted/granulated AS between $170 and $190 CFR, depending on quality. Indagro has set up a vessel carrying 60,000 tons of AS in Qinhuangdao and Yantai in early May, ready to ship to Paranagua and South San Francisco in Brazil, with a shipping cost of just under $20 per ton.

It is understood that the latest sales price of Wuzhoufeng ammonium sulfate is 186-189 US dollars / ton CFR, which is $3 higher than the last transaction price. The standard caprolactam grade is estimated at $140-145/ton CFR.

Central America

Incofe completed a tender on May 1 to purchase 23,500 tons of standard caprolactam-grade ammonium sulfate and 3,500 tons of compacted/granular ammonium sulfate, which will be shipped with 20-20-0 and specialty fertilizers from the end of May to the beginning of June. Monomeros completed a tender on May 1st to purchase two shipmetns of standard caprolactam-grade AS, each 6,000 tons, which will be delivered to Buenaventura in early July and to Barranquilla in July.

Keytrade has been inspecting more than 5,000 tons of AS cargo, which will be shipped from Tianjin Port to Kuzal Port in Guatemala, Buenaventura in Colombia or Guayaquil in Ecuador.


Buyers in Mexico are checking the prices of the two shipments in May and early June. The European producers target the standard caprolactam AS 156-159 USD/ton CFR and the granular product 186-189 USD/ton CFR. South Korea's Capro Corp has withdrawn from the spot market due to planned maintenance in May. 



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