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International ammonium sulfate (AS)market

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Black Sea / Baltic Sea


Exports of AS from the Black Sea and Baltic ports are still tight, no news.


SBU Azot currently does not provide AS for export, except for the 3,000 tons of previously sold goods, there is no spot in July. Due to weak demand, the company expects to reduce the production of caprolactam in July.


Northwestern Europe


The price of AS in North-West Europe remained strong throughout June due to rising nitrogen fertilizer prices. From the perspective of the market outlook, the price will be supported by the price of nitrate/urea and the selling price of agricultural products. The reduction in supply has increased supply in Europe and pushed up prices, with supply disruptions in the past few weeks leading to limited sales.


It is reported that the operating rate of Total's 210,000 barrels/day Luoina refinery has dropped, affecting Domo, German oil producers. A few weeks ago, LANXESS resumed the supply of ammonia from BASF, mainly executing contract orders. From June to August, the manufacturer's standard goods and granular AS were sold out.


Standard AS


Due to good demand in the region and lower caprolactam operating rates, this week's standard grade AS prices remained firm. NPK producers and extruded granule manufacturers re-entered the market to find standard grade AS for July/August shipments. Buyers in Eastern Europe have found it increasingly difficult to source Russian AS and are looking for products from Western European producers.


As per the buyer's price, the standard grade price is 110 Euro/ton FOB Northwest Europe, equivalent to 130 USD/ton FOB. The small spot sales price confirmed by the manufacturer for shipment in June/July is about 120 Euro/ton FOB NW Europe, which equals to USD 136/ton FOB.




With the increase in nitrate prices throughout Europe, the price of AS pellets continues to rise.


In France, OCI has been selling Fubonite 2mm products. In June, the bulk price was 182 euros/ton CPT. In July, the bulk delivery 

price was 185 euros/ton CPT. The company will provide 3mm products in July. The bulk price is about 210 euros / ton CPT, which may mean that the price in August will further increase by 5 euros / ton. Sub-Bangbon’s goods in July have been sold out.





Based on a robust harvest and good prices, this year's demand outlook remains strong, which will increase agricultural income to some extent. AS producers report higher demand levels this week, and purchases for the next corn season will drive high expectations for fertilizer demand in the third and fourth quarters. According to the quality, the price of China extruded granular AS is between 175-185 US dollars / ton CFR.


The North West granule supplier's goal is $194-199/ton CFR in July, and in August/September $200/ton CFR, the last sale price was around $190/ton CFR. China's caprolactam grade is quoted at $143-145/tonne CFR, and European standard products shipped in July are quoted at $150/tonne CFR.


The last sale was slightly lower than $147-149/ton CFR, and the net price was $127-129/ton NW European FOB.


Brazilian shipping shows that there will be 447,000 tons of AS docked at the Brazilian port from June 4th to July 22nd. Of the 322,000 tons, more than 72% of the goods came from China, and the rest came from Europe and the United States.



As the demand for caprolactam is insufficient, the operating rate drops below 60%, so the production of AS as a by-product continues to decline. Due to the reduction in suppliers of export and extrusion granule manufacturers, the price of China's caprolactam-grade FOB remained at $115-117/tonne this week. The highest price quoted by the new supplier of tight supply is $118/ton FOB. Extrusion pellets are priced at $147-149/tonne FOB.




According to industry sources, La Filippina purchased 6,000 tons of cargo at the beginning of July and shipped it to Manila and Bacolod for $140/tonne CFR.




A Mexican buyer is in the market asking for a shipment of AS shipments in July. Due to tight supply in Europe,there is no much stock.



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