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International ammonium phosphate market

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Market Summary: Differentiation of MAP and DAP markets


The western MAP market and the eastern DAP market began to differentiate. The West has been over-supplied due to large imports from the United States, and the transaction price in the US DAP market has fallen slightly, which may lower Latin American prices. This week Brazil purchased DAP from Saudi Arabia and the United States, the price is 345-355 US dollars / ton CFR. The purchase price in Argentina is $359/tonne CFR.


In the east, the trade price between India and China is US$349/ton CFR, and the trade price with Saudi Arabia is US$350/ton CFR. As of the end of June, Indian DAP stocks increased to 1.9 million tons, and port stocks are currently about 700,000 tons. Purchases from Pakistan and Bangladesh are still increasing.


Overview: Ammonium phosphate market under pressure operation


Even if China is determined to limit production and insured prices, reduce market supply, and maintain supply tensions, India’s lack of demand is difficult to achieve price stability. Therefore, companies need to carefully plan freight in the West to avoid putting more pressure on prices in North America and Latin America.



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