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International TSP market

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A trading company's offer for Mexican TSP is $300/ton CFR. TSP prices in Morocco and China are also US$300/ton CFR. however the demand has not yet reached this level.


TSP Price was at US$300/ton FCA Rouen, however the demand will pick up until April to June.


The price of heavy calcium is as high as US$310/ton FCAGhent.


The price of TSP sold to the US increased to 265 UD/ton FOB Egypt.


The price of heavy calcium is US$285/ton FOBJorf, no new transactions appeared.

 Sri Lanka

The Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) ended the tender on Dec 14th, and purchased 14,000 tons of heavy calcium, Agrifert Liven's offer was US$309.48/ton cfrlo, LC 180 days, and Aries was US$309.97/ton. ;

The lowest quotation is for Chinese bulk cargo, the price is slightly higher than US$260/ton FOB. There is no confirmed sales before the press release.



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